Our studio develops projects and objects, based on method where we interact between diverse scales; we work on material and object, on private space and landscape. Our work varies from cultural projects to small private projects, in the field of interior and exterior.
Our human approach is reflecting also in the objects of d/b; conscious material usage, and where you find tactility as prior.
In projects – residential or cultural – we have the focus to human way of processing. In diverse scales we emphasize the materiality and a comprehensible spatial experience. Sensory relevance and openness of usage are main topics in studying the projects and objects. We aim for these senses in detail, and see them directly in line with the bigger scale.

Linde Freya (1987), product en material designer,
and Jo Groven (1982), landscape architect, founded the studio in may 2014.




+32 494 90 89 46

Rue Emile Feron 39
1060 Brussel