Brick’s Reflection is a tribute to the brick – to its rough, veined surface and its material composition. Inspired by its long history and its origin, Linde Freya Tangelder researched its characteristics and particularities and decided to re-interpret its field of application.

Brick’s Reflection is a chair that brings together the warm, archetypical orange of the bricks and the cool, slightly reflective, silver-coloured aluminium and combines the stone’s roughness and the metal’s smoothness. The chair’s proportions flirt with the limits of stability: the weight of the massive brick backrest and the aluminium seat, counterbalance each other delicately. The design also represents an important aspect of Linde’s overall practice and aesthetic – reflecting both a devotion to man-made materials and a desire to let this human involvement explicitly resonate in the final result – design objects deliberately (or: intentionally) showing/ echoing the seam of a two-piece mould or the specific patterns caused (or: generated) by manual sanding.

tekst by Jonas Lescrauwaet

photo by Eline Willaert & Alexander Popelier