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material: chipwood, pigment, varnish 
dimensions: 169 x 60 x 40 cm
year: 2019
edition: 8 (+ 2 AP)

available through Nilufar Gallery

photography: Matteo Bartoli

Archetype Bench I & Bench II

The archetype series are constructed out of archetypal forms, yet its carved surface is atypical in appearance. The furniture pieces embody a compelling tension between hardness and softness, between contemporary and traditional crafts. They underline a contrast: the machine made poplar chipwood is carved by hand, which transforms the benches, coffee table and daybed, into structured and touchable furniture.

The carved surface of the daybed reinforces the sculptural character of the object, and visualizes ancient and modern culture. This focus on materiality that can be found in the work of Destroyers/Builders, leads to a more sensorial impact in our digital area. To touch, to sit on it, shadow works on the surface, makes you aware of the material surrounding.