01 02 03

material: resin
edition: prototype 


The Carved Light Object is part of the series ‘Working Structures’.

Time asks for variable and diverse ways of working. The office is in a fast growing change, where flexible working is more and more common practice. Documents and objects in the workplace get replaced by the digital. The office becomes immaterial. How can we still feel connected to our workplace and, by doing so, improve the office acoustic environment?

Structured surfaces – in contrast with the flat surfaces – break or absorb the resonance of sound. Objects with relief work as sound diffusers. Each object has a human quality, with an irregular surface. They are like membranes that connect to the office that is already there. Like the hard fluorescent lightning; Carved Diffuser, which is placed a bit lower from the light source, breaks this light and softens. These material intervention make the workspace more alive.