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material: aluminium
dimensions: 156 × 75 × 45cm
year: 2020
edition: 12 (+ 2 AP)

available through Nilufar Gallery

Inspired by old, industrial landscapes with their typical architecture and brick chimneys, the open shelf system refers to this, with its conical feet. 
It is as well an office building by architect Christian Kerez, to which Linde Freya is referring within this architectural furniture piece; in this office building every floor is built from thick to thinner columns. The ground floor is built with massive pillars, and with every next level the pillars increase in size. 
High Section refers to the hypothetical cross sections of industrial and architectural landscapes, revealing a variety of structures and interspaces, of architectural styles, textures and materiality. A mental image which is further shaped by the appearances of archaeological sites and then translated into a cabinet with varying shelves, concerning the rhythm of their spacings. Aluminium is a material that is very important in the work of Linde Freya, it is a material that belongs to the modern architectural landscape, but the diverse way to sand it, give this material a more lively surface. The aluminium etagere, with its hand sanded structure, discloses the human traces on the material.