Within the works of Destroyers/Builders an interaction between the furniture pieces exist in an overarching inspiration; found in architectural elements, materials or building techniques. Linde Freya Tangelder, founder of the studio, strives for sensory relevance and cultural value in detail and larger scale. The works have a sculptural and architectural character, and balance between
contemporary and traditional elements.

Inspired by architectural shapes, the
furniture pieces highlight the field between industry and human, through diverse
materials. Constructions are scaled down to human sizes, and translations result into sculptural gestures. Both low and high end materials get revalued, reconsidered and transformed. The interventions and finishes by hand, give these architectural objects a tactile aspect. The contrast in materials, the touchability, and the human traces that are still visible in the object, explain the method of Destroyers/Builders. 

Destroyers/Builders takes on projects that range from commissions to self-initiated projects, and extends across the realms of both architectural furniture and interior
projects. The practice is founded in 2014 and Antwerp & Brussels based. 


Linde Freya Tangelder
+32 494 90 89 46


For press inquiries
please contact

please email for the catalogue 



Enquiries can be send to us
directly. A main part of the
collection is distributed from
the studio. 



Selected collections are represented by Nilufar Gallery. Another wide selection of works are available through Carwan Gallery.
Newest project is launching April 2024 with Aequo Gallery.


Linde Freya Tangelder has an ongoing collaboration with
Cassina, existing of a furniture and lighting collection. 
Selection of other collaborations are Dior, valerie_objects, Kassl
Editions, Hem X.  

Belgian points of sale are Vive Ma Maison, Geraldine van Heuverswyn, AM designs, Objet Trouvé, Graanmarkt, RR Interieur, Valerie Traan Gallery. 


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portrait by Alexander Popelier



publication €32
publication + print €40
publication + special edition €190
print €15

240 x 340 mm, 40 p. 
CMYK + silver
edition of 750
self published
graphic design:
atelier Haegeman Temmerman

reproduction of Brick’s Reflection Chair collage
110 x 170mm
silver foil stamped
edition of 200

aluminium casted miniature,
interpretation of Brick’s Reflection Chair by Clarisse Bruynbroeck
50 x 30 x 35 mm
edition of 50

design & development by atelier Haegeman Temmerman