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material: brass
dimensions: 78 × 114 × 45cm
year: 2019
edition: 12 (+ 2 AP)

available through Nilufar Gallery

text: Jonas Lescrauweat

photography: Eline Willaert 


On top of the elemental layeredness and architecture of our soils – the original geologic compositions and structures of our surroundings – humanity has added its own layers. These recent, human topologies – sometimes referred to as the Anthropocene – have always been a vital inspiration for Linde Freya Tangelder’s designs and concepts. She deconstructs, studies and interprets them; both concerning their relation to the underlaying, natural materials and resources and the inventiveness of their singular forms and aspects.

Some of those contemporary, man-made terrains have a distinctive quality, fusing what has been with what is still to come and merging past traditions with future perspectives. A quality to be found in places such as brickyards or former textile factories. Inspired by these old, industrial landscapes with their typical architecture and brick chimneys, Linde builded two open shelf systems – a low and a high version – with conical feet.

Low Section thereby refers to the hypothetical cross sections of these landscapes, revealing a variety of structures and interspaces, of architectural styles, textures and materiality. A mental image which is further shaped by the appearances of archaeological sites and then translated into a cabinet with varying shelves, both concerning the ways the shelves look and feel and the rhythm of their spacings.