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material: direct lost wax casted aluminium
dimensions: 53 x 44 x 15,5 cm
year: 2020
edition: Edition of 12 pieces + (1 AP) 

photography by Eline Willaert

From a first gesture to reflect stone masonry into new sculptures, a new masonry. The flexibility of the wax – in which the model is built – acts the opposite of the massive coarse stone blocks, such as the typical stone masonry. Originated in the Inca culture, and  with many origins in Japanese building system, diverse stone masonry can be found in contemporary architecture. These endless variations; walls built with residual stones, each with different shapes, makes you doubt if it just happens to fit together, or if each stone is cut precisely to size. This small low bench, is a starting point for a larger investigation on these various possibilities in the stone masonry.