BRUT collective
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BRUT – Bram Vanderbeke, Charlotte Jonckheer, Nel Verbeke, Ben Storms & Linde Freya Tangelder 

BRUT is a collective of emerging Belgian designers. The junction of their practices is a natural consequence of the apparent similarities in imagery, concepts and vision. The six represent a young generation of Belgian designers which values the significance of collaboration and collective involvement within the contemporary design landscape.

BRUT therefore embodies the commitment to realizing a dialogue between designers and their design language: a visual and conceptual encounter which both reflects the common qualities of the designers and emphasizes the personal idiosyncrasies of their practices. This dialogue is always materialized with a co-decided scenography – a shared setting which visualizes a collective narrative.

BRUT has a dedicated attention for the architectural, sculptural and emotional potential of (contemporary Belgian) design. On the one hand, this focus is a result of the personal sensibilities of the participating designers – the corresponding characters of their practices. On the other hand, it creates a common ground and motive; it realizes and defines an environment where the designers can show, strengthen and challenge each other.