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available through Cassina 


photography by Eline Willaert

Wax, Stone, Light for Cassina develops the original idea of sculptural blocks placed precariously one on top of the other in a seemingly unstable architectural column. Fascinated by liquid materials that change form to become solid, we continued experimenting with glass to uncover the multiple facets of this fascinating material, playing with transparency, tactility and light to create not just an object but an atmosphere.

The collection includes five different-sized totemic columns made from Murano glass cubes that have been blown by craftsmen inside cast iron moulds. Defined by irregular forms, the surface of each block is manually worked with wax to create its unique shape. Vertically stacked on top of each other, they are connected by a customised central LED tube that illuminates the whole piece with a warm light.

With a reference to the collectible pieces made during the residency INResidence, for her solo show at Carwan Gallery, supported by Cassina, it continues to inspire her work for the Cassina Lighting Collection this year.