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Building further on the series Windows of Bo Bardi – side tables, the new light yellowish version is taking one step further in a primitive way of making things. These primitive gestures I connect to youth; A natural state of curiosity, an urge for making. The origin of inspiration are the organic shaped windows in a brutalist concrete building; SESC Pompeia (Sao Paulo) by Italian-Brazilian architect Lina bo Bardi. This gesture of Lina bo Bardi, I see as a way of bringing wilderness in everyday life. Within these series of tables, when shaping these rounded forms, I am aiming to something similar; finding a balance between the fluid and the regularity, qualities that you both can find in the city.

In the Windows of Bo Bardi – Butter stool, I strive to implement the origins of making, within the contemporary environment, both on furniture as on architectural potential.

The light yellow colour is a natural colour of wood dust. This dust is a left-over of the sanding of wood, and is used in the coating of the stool. The colour reminds of bones, horn, bee wax.

  • made for the occasion of ‘Walden’, an exhibition by Schloss Hollenegg